Asking for Feedback

A guide on how to ask for feedback effectively. Access Github Repo.
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Preparing the Request

  • Make a list of topics you wish to get feedback on
    • Think about what you want to know with this feedback. Are you looking for something specific or a broader viewpoint?
  • Choose who you are going to ask for feedback
    • Get people who are references to the subjects you are looking to get feedback on, because these people will have more maturity and knowledge to give you rich and complete information.
  • Send your feedback request list in advance
    • Ideally, send it by writing in a channel they won't lose track of it. E.g.: email is easier to keep track of than messaging apps.
  • Optional: if you have a deadline , let them know early
    • Bring it up when you make the request.

Planning the Session

  • Prepare follow-up or clarification questions
    • It avoids you forget something important, and come back feeling like you didn’t get everything you needed.
  • Give them time to prepare for requested feedback
    • Consult with them to figure out the best date and time for you both. Ideally, let them read your requested list, and then ask how much time they need to be prepared.
  • Schedule the session in advance
    • Based on the timeframe you both agreed upon.

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