Landing Optimization Checklist

Landing pages are usually detached from the original flow of your homepage and have a very specific point to make. This checklist helps remembering that and eventual ramifications when creating your own. Access Github Repo.
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  • Are you sending your inbound traffic to a standalone landing page?
  • Is your landing page about only one subject?
  • In a five-second test, could anyone tell what your page was about?
  • Did you test multiple versions of your web pages (A/B)?
  • Does the main headline on your landing match the message of your ads?
  • Do you use photos/videos of your product/service in the appropriate context?
  • Is your call to action above the fold?
  • Do you use design principles to make your call to action standout?
  • Are you only asking for essential information in your forms?
  • Does your call to action explicitly describe what you'll receive?
  • Have you removed unnecessary content from your page?
  • Are you using trust factors, such as testimonials or social media streams?
  • Is your call to action the most obvious thing on the page?
  • Have you removed all global navigation from your landing?
  • Are you presenting extra calls to action on your confirmation page?

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